Shopping made Simpler

Shopping has been a past time for many. It has been the past time for women when they need new clothes, and it has been the past time for men when they have needed a new iPad. Walking into a store and buying products has been fun for some, and not so fun for others, but it has also takes a lot of time to shop. Mobile shopping, has been the perfect solution.


So many people buy clothes online now. It saves the time and energy of going into a store and buying products. Amazon has been one of the main players in the online shopping industry. People can get a lot from Amazon from clothing, to different products, to even electronics. Mobile shopping has changed the face of the shopping industry.


When shopping, it is important that you shop the best deals. Shopping at a store makes this so much more difficult, because it’s so hard to great deals between different stores. People would rather just go online, and find the deals and buy all at the same time. This is where apps like Konsier help with the mobile shopping experience. Konsier basically determines the trend of your shopping history, and creates items that you might want to see, or of discounts on products.


This type of technology is constantly changing the way we shop. Before, it was important that you enter a store that sold different goods to buy products. Now the shopping has been made simpler through the touch of a few buttons.

Beyond the Poor Examples Today- Marketing

17659410_sThe face of marketing has changed. Gone are the days of effective paper ads and telemarketers. Today people spend so much time on their phones and marketers take full advantage of this. As a result we receive most of the relevant information through sites such as Facebook or through ads on different games like Angry Birds. This revolutionary way of marketing has reached our phones; it has reached a new avenue of marketing— Mobile Marketing.

If you are shocked right now, you shouldn’t be. Think about all the games and apps you use on your phone. One movement of your thumb and you might click on an advertisement. Mobile marketing has been invading lives for as long as people have been using apps on phones. Simply put, mobile marketing is around and you don’t even realize the effect it has on you.

The mobile marketing world has taken progressively been getting smarter. Your phone now uses the location services to target a more accurate audience. A simple example could be that your friend got a coupon for fifty percent off in a boutique, whereas you do not live within a 30-mile radius of such a store. This is using the surrounding area where you live to market an audience that will most likely visit this store. Mobile marketing has surpassed the simple ads that everyone can see, it now moves towards ads that are relevant towards you.

This new avenue of marketing has reached one more level, and SunVera Software’s Konsier app has been the one to implement this new level. Konsier is an app that uses a combination of location services and consumer behavior. Pretend that you walk into a store and walk past the jeans aisle. In that aisle there is a beacon (a Bluetooth transmitter linked to the app) that might trigger your phone for a promotion. This app knows that you bought jeans at another store just yesterday using this same process, so your phone will not receive the promotion. However, your phone will be triggered when you walk past a beacon that triggers a promotion for sweaters because recently you have been wanting a sweater. Using the behavior of individual consumers, the app uses where you are at the store to trigger specific promotions relevant towards you.

This is the new way of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has changed and is constantly changing and apps such as the Konsier app are helping to guide this change.


Social Media’s Impact for Marketers

Today, people are constantly on social media. Customer engagement has been key in the success of making products, people, and apps popular. It is still important to engage people via traditional methods, such as marketing, sales, and service. However, now there are new ways to engage an audience.

A long time ago, cold calling was a part of the customer engagement marketing strategy. Now with the aide of inventions such as caller ID, people ignore these calls. Customer engagement has completely changed its face. Now customers decide if and when to communicate, meaning that customer engagement occurs on its own.

What get’s your attention to engage? People are constantly on social media. It can be young children, to teens, to even adults. Different social media avenues such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Yik Yak, etc., help to create conversations about peoples lives, and what other people think are important issues.

Social media is just one avenue of customer engagement. Konsier, an app designed to understand consumer behavior, helps to provide customer engagement. How? The app notices what you look at for long periods of time, and the trend of different things you buy. This app creates customer engagement by knowing different things that you might like, and people like that it is personalized to a specific persons tastes.

We are ruled are by the mobile experience, and companies/people are taking advantage of these social media sites. Ten years ago, company and customer interaction only occurred via phone calls or email. With all this new social media and new apps, we are able to create interactions amongst other people about new products, ideas, and apps.


New Forms of Payment via the Mobile Revolution

The mobile experience has changed every aspect of shopping, from buying to paying. Before there was the ability to shop on phones or iPads, people actually had to go into a store. It sounds insane now, but that’s how people shopped for clothing and grocery’s about seven years ago. Now you can buy anything with your phone, and with that comes the aspect of payment.

Credit cards and debit cards have been the main source of payment for the past decade. Then when there was an increase in the way people shopped online, credit card numbers were used in its place. A couple years into the mobile shopping experience Paypal existed, taking payments for different websites so that the credit card information was secure. Konsier, an app aimed at understanding consumer behavior, even uses mobile payments. Without going to a third party site, you can buy the items that you are looking at on your phone.

Apple pay is another payment software. It is probably more secure than most payment systems, and they have even gotten over 200,000 retailers to use their form of payment, meaning that people trust this payment software. The only problem would occur with people who do not use an iPhone.

These new forms of mobile payments are happening when shopping online with your phone. But, what if someone stole your phone or iPad? When unlocking an iPhone 5s, it will unlock if you use the thumbprint system. Biometrics has been a part of the mobile shopping experience, and has helped keep content such as important credit card information safe. It is a new form of security, but it is slowly going to become a standard feature in phones.

Mobile payments, such as Apple pay, are slowly going to be the new credit card. Australia and New Zealand is far ahead of this mobile payment craze. Utilities, mortgage payments, etc. have been converted onto the mobile platform. Instead of walking into a store with a card, you’ll be walking into store with your phone to pay. The question is, are you ready for that kind of mobile payment technology?

Smart Shopping

Technology has change the way that we live, it has changed the way that we view life, and most importantly it has changed the way that we shop. Before there was technology, we relied on cutting coupons from magazines and the occasional seasonal deals. The new use of technology has changed this.

Refer to Yelp, people use this service to find a new restaurant, or somewhere they want to go by the amount of ratings. Let’s be real, half of the restaurants we find on Yelp, we would never go there on our own. The way that we shop now is similar, without hints or guidance from promotions via applications, we would not even have thought to buy or look at some of these products. Similarly, with the use of technology, we can walk into a store, and a notification can be sent to your phone for a new promotion, or a coupon

How does that even work? Pretend that the Konsier app has been downloaded on your phone. Let’s say that you have been looking at this new Samsung Flatscreen tv for a while but wasn’t sure if you should buy it. As you walk past the tv aisle, you get a notification on you phone saying that there is a discount for the tv that you have been wanting for months. Only because of this app do you even buy this tv, and for that you will be forever grateful. This is the new way of receiving promotions and coupons.

This goes beyond the simple notification that can be sent to your phone. It goes beyond a promotion. The reason that you received a notification about this promotion is because you always visited this section of the store, and you were constantly looking at this tv. Konsier new this and understood this. This app is about understanding consumer behavior. By also taking into account your interest for this product, this specific promotion was sent to you.

Technology has changed, and as people so have we. We love coupons and we love sales, but we can’t know about every single item that is on sale, so this type of location based shopping aides us. This type of app helps to create traffic to an item that we would have never bought if not for the notification.

Another Notification

With the creation of the smart phone, there was the creation of push notifications. The phone would buzz and beep with all those notifications, until you could take it no longer, and had to turn off the push notifications. This was when the notifications craze first started, but years later they actually help people out.

Think about how push notifications have changed on Facebook. A couple years ago, you would get notifications on anything and everything, and by the time an hour passed by, you were angry. Now Facebook has changed the way that you receive notifications, it only sends a few notifications that seem worthy to you.

Apps in general have stopped sending those annoying notifications, because they know that their app would be in jeopardy of being deleted on a customer’s phone. Instead, apps have gone the “opt in opt out” route. Google Now is a great example on the useful usage of push notifications. It syncs your calendar to the app so that it monitors your time by checking traffics and plotting a route. This information comes in the reminder of a push notifications. All of these extra steps are taken care for you without you having to do anything. This type of push notification is customized to a persons needs.

The new Konsier app also takes these push notifications to a new level. Konsier is like a “concierge” service where it promotes products and items that you would be interested in based on your preferences. The Konsier app uses the “opt in opt out” route. Pretend that you have downloaded the app on your phone, and you have decided to receive notifications on San Juan Hills Golf Club. If you are in front of a Target, and this Target uses this same app, the app will ask you if you would like to receive notifications on this Target. These notifications aren’t annoying; they are catered to your preferences and likings.

Gone are the day of annoying notifications on your phone. Today, most push notifications are aimed to help you instead of annoying you with useless information that you really don’t care about.

A Technological World of Possibilities: iBeacon

Apple has continuously given the world new innovations that have changed lives in every aspect. From the iPod to the iPhone— this evolution has created a response in the technological world, and has allowed for new innovation. iBeacon, Apples’ newest innovation, has created a new world of possibilities, and has aided this technological world. It will change the shopping experience.

To understand how it will change our lives, we need to understand how it works. iBeacon’s are bluetooth transmitters that can be placed around a store. If someone downloads an app that uses iBeacon technology, their phones will respond with a notification when the phone comes within range of an iBeacon.

There are so many different people that are using and testing this new technology. Virgin Atlantic is one of these companies that is testing these iBeacons in the Heathrow Airport in London. The idea is that there would be beacons set up at the security checkpoint, so that when you walk past security, phones will automatically be pulling up boarding passes for inspection.

Konsier, an app geared towards mobile marketing automation, has also been using this new type of advancement to aide the marketing world. When entering a store, the iBeacon targets the Konsier app on the phone and a notification appears on the phone with a promotion. The way this app uses the beacon will forever change the shopping experience.

It changes the in store shopping experience because now the shopping is more customized and catered towards your likings. Think about Netflix, when you watch movies, it creates a profile of similar movies and tv shows that you might like. This is the same idea has been possible through Konsier because of the beacons. Based on what product you spend the most amount of time, and provide the most amount of interest on, the beacons track that and Konsier will send updates, and notification on that product.

So many new innovations are created yearly, but not a lot of these innovations last. iBeacon is one of those innovations that will be around for a long time. If you have not heard of this innovation now, give it some time and you won’t remember a world without the iBeacon.

A New Generation of Marketing

17335868_sTwenty years ago, life was different. A person might have been carrying around a clunky “cell phone” while walking towards the library to use the computer. This person might have actually paid attention while driving past a billboard that was trying to sell a product. That was the past, today people carry “smart” phones that have revolutionized the way we live, and instead of looking up at the billboards, we are mostly looking down at our smart phones.

Retailers are using this new generation of technology to their benefit for mobile marketing automation. This basically refers to the way that marketers orchestrate automated campaigns through channels such as email or social media sites using mobile marketing automation software to send relevant content to you while automating the delivery time of the message. The way mobile automated marketing works is when you buy something at a store, if you have registered by downloading their app, it delivers new promotions based on what you bought with related offers for similar or companion items to your smart phone. By using mobile automated marketing applications that track your consumer behavior retailers can ensure that the content is timely and relevant to you thus avoiding the dreaded nuisance factor.

A simple example clarifies the process… You could be driving towards San Francisco from LA. On the way there, there really isn’t much to eat and you are searching on your phone for food other than fast-food. Suddenly there’s a billboard that is advertising a restaurant. Based on that location, you get an automated message that gives a twenty percent off coupon for use on your next visit if you sign up by downloading their app.

One app that focuses on automated mobile marketing is Konsier. This app collects different buying trends for an individual and markets specific campaigns towards you. Let’s say that you go to Macy’s and you are looking for copper clad cook pots. You are already registered with them for their mobile app. Once there a notification appears on your smart phone for a promotion on their brand of copper clad pots and pans. There may also be links to the Macy’s website for additional information or even a YouTube video on how to care for your copper pots. The options for content delivery are endless.

Automation has been somewhat key in marketing. However, automated mobile marketing has been essential in properly understanding consumer behavior, which is what apps like Konsier provide. This new generation of smart phone will take mobile automated marketing to a new level, which is already happening with many retailers on the mobile platforms.