Shopping made Simpler

Shopping has been a past time for many. It has been the past time for women when they need new clothes, and it has been the past time for men when they have needed a new iPad. Walking into a store and buying products has been fun for some, and not so fun for others, but it has also takes a lot of time to shop. Mobile shopping, has been the perfect solution.


So many people buy clothes online now. It saves the time and energy of going into a store and buying products. Amazon has been one of the main players in the online shopping industry. People can get a lot from Amazon from clothing, to different products, to even electronics. Mobile shopping has changed the face of the shopping industry.


When shopping, it is important that you shop the best deals. Shopping at a store makes this so much more difficult, because it’s so hard to great deals between different stores. People would rather just go online, and find the deals and buy all at the same time. This is where apps like Konsier help with the mobile shopping experience. Konsier basically determines the trend of your shopping history, and creates items that you might want to see, or of discounts on products.


This type of technology is constantly changing the way we shop. Before, it was important that you enter a store that sold different goods to buy products. Now the shopping has been made simpler through the touch of a few buttons.

Beyond the Poor Examples Today- Marketing

17659410_sThe face of marketing has changed. Gone are the days of effective paper ads and telemarketers. Today people spend so much time on their phones and marketers take full advantage of this. As a result we receive most of the relevant information through sites such as Facebook or through ads on different games like Angry Birds. This revolutionary way of marketing has reached our phones; it has reached a new avenue of marketing— Mobile Marketing.

If you are shocked right now, you shouldn’t be. Think about all the games and apps you use on your phone. One movement of your thumb and you might click on an advertisement. Mobile marketing has been invading lives for as long as people have been using apps on phones. Simply put, mobile marketing is around and you don’t even realize the effect it has on you.

The mobile marketing world has taken progressively been getting smarter. Your phone now uses the location services to target a more accurate audience. A simple example could be that your friend got a coupon for fifty percent off in a boutique, whereas you do not live within a 30-mile radius of such a store. This is using the surrounding area where you live to market an audience that will most likely visit this store. Mobile marketing has surpassed the simple ads that everyone can see, it now moves towards ads that are relevant towards you.

This new avenue of marketing has reached one more level, and SunVera Software’s Konsier app has been the one to implement this new level. Konsier is an app that uses a combination of location services and consumer behavior. Pretend that you walk into a store and walk past the jeans aisle. In that aisle there is a beacon (a Bluetooth transmitter linked to the app) that might trigger your phone for a promotion. This app knows that you bought jeans at another store just yesterday using this same process, so your phone will not receive the promotion. However, your phone will be triggered when you walk past a beacon that triggers a promotion for sweaters because recently you have been wanting a sweater. Using the behavior of individual consumers, the app uses where you are at the store to trigger specific promotions relevant towards you.

This is the new way of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has changed and is constantly changing and apps such as the Konsier app are helping to guide this change.


Social Media’s Impact for Marketers

Today, people are constantly on social media. Customer engagement has been key in the success of making products, people, and apps popular. It is still important to engage people via traditional methods, such as marketing, sales, and service. However, now there are new ways to engage an audience.

A long time ago, cold calling was a part of the customer engagement marketing strategy. Now with the aide of inventions such as caller ID, people ignore these calls. Customer engagement has completely changed its face. Now customers decide if and when to communicate, meaning that customer engagement occurs on its own.

What get’s your attention to engage? People are constantly on social media. It can be young children, to teens, to even adults. Different social media avenues such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Yik Yak, etc., help to create conversations about peoples lives, and what other people think are important issues.

Social media is just one avenue of customer engagement. Konsier, an app designed to understand consumer behavior, helps to provide customer engagement. How? The app notices what you look at for long periods of time, and the trend of different things you buy. This app creates customer engagement by knowing different things that you might like, and people like that it is personalized to a specific persons tastes.

We are ruled are by the mobile experience, and companies/people are taking advantage of these social media sites. Ten years ago, company and customer interaction only occurred via phone calls or email. With all this new social media and new apps, we are able to create interactions amongst other people about new products, ideas, and apps.